Play each other once – Fittler backs NRL fixture change

By Dejan Kalinic 10 April 2020 2
Play each other once – Fittler backs NRL fixture change

Brad Fittler believes the NRL should change to a fixture where each team plays every other once as it bids to resume amid the coronavirus pandemic.

It was announced on Thursday that the NRL is planning to resume its season on May 28 and play a full three-game State of Origin series.

Just what the competition looks like for the rest of the campaign remains to be seen, but Australia and New South Wales great Fittler backed a fixture where each team played every other once.

"I think the fact that they play each other once makes the most sense. I think that’s as fair as you can be," the Blues coach told Stats Perform.

"It still gives you time to play your Origins and your semi-finals and your season would finish only two months later than it would normally.

"There's been a bit of a collision coming up with the cricket and Channel Nine and I know that Channel Nine are very keen to make sure they're being considered in the negotiations as well so it will be interesting."

The NRL season was suspended last month due to COVID-19, which has killed more than 95,000 people worldwide.

Australia has seen more than 6,100 confirmed cases and 52 deaths.

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